Published: Sam, Décembre 02, 2017
International | By Oceane Deschanel

Buhari Reacts To 'Libya Slave Trade', Promises To Evacuate Nigerians

Buhari Reacts To 'Libya Slave Trade', Promises To Evacuate Nigerians

"This is a matter the President is very concerned about". We must consistently demand from our political leaders to supply the governance we have contracted them for.

The house urged the Nigerian government to liaise with the government of Libya to find a solution to the menace.

His Ghanaian counterpart, Nana Akufo-Addo, said the situation has made "mockeries of the alleged solidarity of African nations grouped in the African Union, of which Libya is a member".

"It shows also that government is pro-active on the welfare of Nigerians at home and in the diaspora", he said.

He noted that discussions at the conference were productive and frank, saying this was due in no small measure to the interventions of President Buhari.

He spoke against the backdrop of recent reports that hundreds of African ‎refugees and migrants in Libya were being sold into slavery.

President Buhari called on the EU to work more diligently with the AU to bring normalcy to Libya and for the EU to be more forthcoming with humanitarian aid to those directly affected by terrorism.

African Union Commission Chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat warned that without a real change of policy and "without heavy investment in this youth, its education, its training".

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"Without jobs, even educated youth become vulnerable to forms of extremism, ranging from joining the ranks of terrorists to risking their lives migrating to Europe through the "sea of sand that is the Sahara and the unforgiving waters of the Mediterranean".

"It is a little bit too much to think it will solve the slavery issue, but it would definitely mitigate (it) to some extent", Ambrosi said.

Macron, 39, also emphasized his youth, referring to himself as the child of "a generation that has never known Africa as a colonized continent".

"In the interview some of you saw, some of the Nigerians said they were being sold like goats for few dollars for years in Libya".

French President Emmanuel Macron said that he, leaders from other EU and African countries that include Libya, and the United Nations were discussing going after human traffickers with "concrete, military and police actions on the ground to trace back these networks".

Something was done. Libya was transformed by NATO from the country with the highest Human Development Index in the whole of Africa in 2009 into a lawless hell-hole, with rival governments, warlords and terror groups fighting for control of the country.

"So, when the Libyans stood against their leader, those who are not their people, they chased them out". "If we don't bomb Gadaffi's tanks, Europe is likely to face a wave of refugees and a new generation of jihadis", was the synopsis. You can also donate to Free the Slaves.

"As soon as their supplies and money run out, they will leave again", Houeto told AFP in Grand Bassam, a coastal city of 80,000 people less than an hour's drive from Abidjan.

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