Published: Пт, Ноября 24, 2017
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The Tesla Semi Truck gave birth to a Tesla Roaster, surprising everyone

The Tesla Semi Truck gave birth to a Tesla Roaster, surprising everyone

The new Roadster is set to launch in 2019 at an introductory $200k (USD).

"As one of Canada's largest energy users, given the size and scope of our retail network and supply chain, we know we have a critical role to play in helping Canada reach its carbon reduction targets", Loblaw executive vice president, supply chain Rob Wiebe says.

Unsurprisingly, the big noises were made in North America, with small fleets of what over there are described as 'tractors' rather than prime movers, claimed by a handful of companies.

It does 0-100km  h in 1.9 seconds
It does 0-100km h in 1.9 seconds

Tesla is fresh off a splashy reveal of its upcoming electric semi truck and a surprise unveiling of a world-beating new Tesla Roadster, but a new report from Bloomberg portends some trouble on the horizon if the company keeps burning cash at a rate of almost $500,000 every hour without more money from investors or a greater return from its fledgling Model 3. For one, the automaker will continue to build and sell the Model S and Model X. And despite several missed deadlines this year, CEO Elon Musk is still adamant that production of the Tesla Model 3 will be ramping up in earnest in the first quarter of 2018, and new agreements with suppliers will cut costs even further.

The chairman also shared a video of the company's electric-engine trucks.

Competitors also do not price their own electric models to be profitable, but instead to offset the sale of internal combustion engines in states with emissions regulations. It is also true that autonomous driving technology will lead to genuine efficiencies in the industry through platooning, remote operation, or full automation.

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While the pre-orders denote a definite interest in the electric truck, the low numbers seem to indicate that many companies want to experiment with the technology before fully committing to it. Most of the companies that have pre-ordered the trucks have existing fleets of hundreds or thousands of trucks.

When it comes to electric work trucks, it won't just be about Tesla. While on stage, Musk stated that the semi truck is one of the biggest contributors to pollution on Earth.

Electric Vehicle leader and possibly the sole manufacturer of vehicles for our future overlords, Tesla, has unveiled two of their most ambitious products yet... and we are absolutely in love. It is truly a marvel.

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The Tesla Roadster was only just announced with stunning specs like a 0-60mph time of just 1.9 seconds and an electric car range of a whopping 650 miles - now it could fly too. And he's onto something: The world's longest study on adult life and happiness has found that good relationships keep us happier and healthier for longer. I don't see how that helps a trucker. Being able to physically watch the trailer - not camera images on screens - can be the difference between making a clean back-up or making an insurance claim. A study published by Carnegie Mellon University found that people with supportive spouses are "more likely to give themselves the chance to succeed".

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