Published: Dim, Novembre 12, 2017
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Chris Fitzsimon: An ominous evening for Republicans in North Carolina

Chris Fitzsimon: An ominous evening for Republicans in North Carolina

It's difficult to overstate the magnitude of the disaster that overtook Virginia Republicans on Tuesday.

The network's star host Tucker Carlson sounded maudlin as he announced that the network was calling Virginia's gubernatorial race for Democratic candidate Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D), breaking the news without any of his usual abrasive bombast.

The commonwealth on Tuesday night gave a resounding rejection to this filth. But otherwise he hasn't detailed the plans for his first days in office. City Councils are also not immune from the problem, often drawing the lines for their own elections that favor the incumbents or the party in control. Democrats did not just lose the White House in 2016; since 2009, we lost roughly 1,000 legislative seats nationwide. We need to engage these voters year-round.

In Howell's 28th District, Republican Bob Thomas leads Democrat Joshua Cole by just 86 votes.

But no state delivered a more sweeping success for Democrats than Virginia.

New Jersey Democratic Sen.

The issue is gaining traction outside of Virginia.

At the time, the ad was seen as hurtful to Northam's chances.

Steve Israel, a Democrat from New York, is a political novelist and CNN contributor.

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Still, some observers caution not to look too much into the results - it could be more luck and current political climate than skillful Democratic outmaneuvering of Republicans. The Northam camp played it relatively safe for months as messaging, ads and platform points seemed geared towards a mix of rural, suburban and moderate white voters. Many Republicans consider the Left (especially college-age liberals) to be illogical and emotional, but the ornery reactions of the Right to each other may reveal the opposite.

Where Trump won 46 percent of the vote against Hillary Clinton, his approval rating is now nearly 10 points below that. That's a choice we made at the beginning of the year. Americans aren't enthusiastic about either party's agenda. Virginia has shown how progressive groups can maximize our impact by working together. He is a winner of the Edward R. Murrow Award for excellence in writing. The recent results in Virginia and subsequent Republican departure suggest this phenomenon may be in effect. Since World War II, the chart shows, no two-term president (or presidential tag team) has ever gained Senate seats, House seats, governorships, or state legislative chambers over an eight-year period. It was sunny, it was positive, it was inclusive, it was a big tent, and there was room for everybody.

Scandal has also led to some resignations.

Virginia is now in a similar process of red-to-blue state conversion. After Taddeo won, she called Priorities' digital work pivotal to her win. Both members have high numbers of Medicaid enrollees in their districts.

If Democrat Doug Jones beats Republican Roy Moore, then the revolt against Trump cannot be denied.

I've got to hand it to my friend Dave Albo - he's one of the smartest guys in politics and he's got to be savoring his decision to retire rather than be a part of the bloodbath Tuesday night. Its 3.7 percent unemployment rate is among the lowest in the country, and a large majority of Virginians say the local economy is good.

Democrats will rightly celebrate Northam's win, but that comes with a depressing asterisk. "These victories represent movement to the Democratic Party across the country".

Guy Cecil is chairman of Priorities USA.

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