Published: Mer, Septembre 27, 2017
Financer | By Gilbert Hennequin

Angela Merkel promises to win back voters of far-right AfD

Angela Merkel promises to win back voters of far-right AfD

His speech will address three issues, the source said: "a sovereign Europe, a united Europe, a democratic Europe".

Leading AfD candidate, Alexander Gauland, gave a foretaste of the hostile new tone expected in parliament, saying it would "hound" Ms Merkel and "get our country and our people back".

AfD co-leader Alice Weidel told them: "Millions of voters have entrusted us with the task of constructive opposition work in parliament".

Juncker, however, did not support the idea of a separate euro-zone budget or parliament.

Ms Le Pen, who lost France's presidential election to Emmanuel Macron earlier this year, wrote on Twitter: "Bravo to our allies from AfD for this historic score!"

And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent similar greetings, calling Merkel "a true friend of Israel".

Merkel, already Chancellor for 12 years, had run a low-key campaign emphasising the country's falling unemployment, strong economic growth, balanced budget and overall stability in a volatile world. The front page of German tabloid Bild declared it a "Nightmare Victory" and the euro fell against the dollar as foreign-exchange markets opened late on Sept. 24 in Europe.

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She told supporters in Berlin: "Of course we had hoped for a slightly better result. It was an anti-Merkel election that ended as a pro-Merkel election", said Germany's Handelsblatt business daily. "This is a great day for our party political history".

Another three parties cleared the 5% hurdle to representations, including the liberal Free Democrats who secured 10.7%, anti-capitalist Left and ecologist Greens who both achieved about 9%.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday huddled with her party after winning a fourth term with a far weaker score, facing the double headache of an emboldened nationalist opposition party and thorny coalition talks.

There are traditional conservative parts of Germany where CDU/CSU still have the most direct voting mandates for their representatives, like in the parts of North Rhine-Westphalia, he went on to say.

If the FDP becomes a coalition partner, it will be difficult for Merkel to realize such a move, said Darvas. This is a turning-point.

"What for some has been an act of humanity and charity is to others menacing, strange and filled with fear".

"Once again, the elites are learning that democracy actually means listening to the majority, no matter how much they despise their vulgar attitudes".

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