Published: Ven, Septembre 08, 2017
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Take action on DACA — Editorial

Take action on DACA — Editorial

Axios reporter Alexi McCammond confirmed the news from a Democratic aide.

So, case closed, Obama told a fib? America already spends a huge amount on deportation-more than on the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, US Marshals and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, combined. Let's take a look.

Trump said Tuesday that he would "revisit this issue" if Congress failed to "legalize DACA" by March.

In 2018, the Democrats will need to win 24 seats to flip the House.

DACA was implemented during the presidency of Barack Obama in 2012, and affects roughly 800,000 individuals in the US.

They are the Rosa Parks of immigration - innocent and upstanding. "It's put my life in limbo". Now it will get worse with the twin chilling effects of increased Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) crackdowns and the DACA reversal. That's because many undocumented immigrants overstay a visa, rather than illegally cross the border. They live and work in our neighborhoods. Within the White House, there are likely mixed motives here - some are motivated by the constitutional concern, others by policy concerns. Suppressed counts in states with large Latino populations could influence where the last few marginal seats are awarded.

If Congress doesn't intervene to solidify the DACA program, young people in the program will lose the ability to work legally once their current authorization expires.

While Lopez is grateful for the kindnesses shown him, he is concerned about the moral fabric of a country that wishes to dispel people who need it.

"I believe positively and I believe in hope", Rose said. Of the people who had received green cards, 1,056 had become U.S. citizens. "But it's hurt more than anything". In fact, one of four DACA participants call the state home.

Pramila Jayapal
Pramila Jayapal

According to a report by, a pro-immigration organization founded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, 91 percent of DACA recipients are employed. "We are still awaiting that answer". "And, when people come here to learn, work hard and give back to their communities, we should allow them to stay in the United States".

2, CNN finally obtained that letter, exclusively. Of that number, 2,994, or 13 percent, had subsequently applied for and been approved for a green card.

Now, one of the main ways these students fund college - by working in their spare time - could be in jeopardy.

Gov. Rick Snyder, in a statement, said Michigan is best when it is diverse.

Rallies in support of the program were held throughout the city in the days following the announcement, as many voiced their opposition to a decision that could potentially upend those protected under the Obama-era program.

Broken chains lie at the feet of the statue, but they are partially covered by the figure's robe so as not to disturb those Americans who championed the southern cause. It's the process as well as the end result that matters.

"To know directly from the CEOs that they're the ones saying they support it and why they feel it's important, that's never happened before - not to the extent that it's happening now", said Elizabeth Vilchis, a dreamer who works at Samsung Electronics Co.'s NEXT startup investment unit. But those numbers represent a Venn diagram with very little overlap. "They are fully integrated into our society and kicking them out to score political points with your base is pointless and cruel". She has long maintained that giving them more choice will ensure more education opportunities and better education outcomes.

That instinct to help and protect DACA students comes out of both an economic and a moral imperative, said Mary Sue Coleman, the president of the Association of American Universities, a membership group composed of dozens of prestigious research universities. It's not a permanent fix. The most straight-forward option would be passing the Dream Act of 2017. Now she has a job with a San Francisco Bay-area biotech firm but is worried about the future.

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