Published: Dim, Août 06, 2017
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Grand jury leakers want to destroy Trump — Levin

Grand jury leakers want to destroy Trump — Levin

Trump, who has repeatedly slammed the investigation as a "witch hunt", argued in a July interview with The New York Times that his financial transactions represented a red line that Mueller should not cross in his investigation.

The sources said Mueller was now leaning on a closed-door panel housed at the federal courthouse on Constitution Avenue - just blocks from FBI headquarters and the Capitol - to present evidence and issue subpoenas as part of his expanding probe. The meeting had been brokered by British publicist, Rob Goldstone, who has worked with the Trumps in the past.

Former Defense Attorney & FNC Host Gregg Jarrett breaks it down!

However, "in the end, if he determines there is no there there, he'll make that call", Clapper said.

The president's son was told Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya was willing to share "information about illegal campaign contributions to the Democratic National Convention" with the Trump campaign, ahead of their meeting at Trump Tower in July 2016. "What he's saying is this is gonna be a broader probe, this is very serious, and I'm expected to keep doing this for a while", said Del Quentin Wilber, Wall Street Journal.

A grand jury also further opens up an investigation, as they can subpoena documents and witnesses and ask people to testify under oath.

" L'UE n'est pas le baromètre de la vérité " (Président) — Mauritanie
En mars, la révision de la loi fondamentale a été adoptée par l'Assemblée nationale, mais rejetée par le Sénat. Une vingtaine de sénateurs ont entamé mercredi un sit-in au Sénat afin d'exiger que M.

Asked for comment on the story presidential lawyer Ty Cobb said the White House would not discuss "specific communications" with Mueller but would "continue to fully cooperate with the Special Counsel".

Cobb told the AP that the White House "favors anything that accelerates the conclusion of his work fairly".

The news of a grand jury comes up as the US President prepares to take a 17-day-vacation to New Jersey later this week.

The sources added that US Special Counsel Robert Mueller had convened the grand jury investigation in Washington to help examine allegations of Russian interference in the vote. That said, it does mean that things are not looking good for the 45th president.

On Capitol Hill democrats and republicans are working on the bill to prevent the president from firing Mueller, or stopping his investigation.

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